Blue Plate Special Portfolio


Department of Art & Art History MFA students created a portfolio of photopolymer letterpress prints entitled, "Blue Plate Special." The 15 prints are 14"x11" each, printed with rubber-based ink on Crane's Lettra paper.  Artists include Chad Uehlein, Claire Stankus, Kelsey Miller, River Soma, Elizabeth Ellenwood, Erin Koch Smith, Jeanne Ciravolo, Jelena Prjlevic, Jordan Thuman, Kaleigh Rusgrove, Shadia Heenan, and Ting Zhou, Olivia Baldwin, Melanie Klimjack, and Luke Seward.

Table of Contents

Blue Tape Shape, Claire Stankus

Squidona Plate, Elizabeth Ellenwood

Lunch, Erin Smith

Diagram of a Gesture, Jeanne Ciravolo

Thoughts Page 2, Jelena Prjlevic

Appetite, Jordan Thuman

Habits Die Hard, Kaleigh Rusgrove

And Today, Kelsey Miller

Blue Girl, River Soma

Vortex, Shadia Heenan

River, Ting Zhou

Good Food, Chad Uehlein

Sunday, Olivia Baldwin

Mel’s Diner, Melanie Kilmjack

Street Serpent, Luke Seward