Kelsey Miller

Art & Art History

Studio Graduate Assistant


The first ten years of my life were spent living on the Caribbean Island of Antigua where I grew to recognize the sea as an orientation point, like a city’s grand monument or a familiar mountain range.  Many years later, I returned to a life surrounded by water when, for four years, I worked as chef on a sailboat traveling between the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe.  Although my creative focus during that time was predominantly the culinary arts, I kept a regular journal of my travels.  These notes and sketches have fostered my recent work as I leave behind a transient life at sea and return to the rhythms of life on land.  The resulting images are a translation of surface, space, and movement formed from both visual and haptic memories of my travels and background.  Paired with observations from my current experiences, the work transforms from direct observation of place into a record that has been altered though the process of documentation and recollection. It no longer depicts a determined moment or location, but instead become documents of how memory is internalized and recorded.

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